Applied Energy CCUS2018 Symposium

Applied Energy CCUS2018 Symposium, 27–29 June 2018, Perth, Australia

Following the CAGS symposium, CAGS in collaboration with the international journal, Applied Energy, and Applied Energy Innovation Institute (AEii) held the Applied Energy CCUS2018 symposium. The two-day international symposium included fifty presentations on the most recent progress in CCUS, covering a wide range of topics from CCUS project updates to technical innovations in CCUS. The participants particularly appreciated the project updates from the Australian projects, with experience shared by representatives from South West Hub Project, CarbonNet Project, Bridgeport Moonie CO2-EOR Project, Surat Basin Hub Project, and Otway Project. After the symposium, a one-day field trip to Perth Core Library and the National Geosequestration Laboratory was organised for participants to visit Australian CCS research facilities and to talk with researchers.

A selection of CCUS2018 symposium papers have be published in the journal Energy Procedia.

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